Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th, 2014

BLOG HOP with a difference

A friend of Mine Wilna Cremer contacted me and asked me to join her in a blog hop with a difference.  I met Wilna through facebook and we shared a mutual interest of creating an event in the KZN Midlands for all the scrapping ladies. Our Event unfortunately did not take place due to lack of interest but our friendship has grown since then...

As you are well aware I am very new to this blogging thing and dnt often get time to go onto my blog. I am a stay at home mom with a little 3½ year old who keeps me constantly busy. I have a small home run scrapbook shop, I also do have a clientele base that does alot of email orders with me. I also make wedding and celebration invitations.

I have been involved in scrapbooking since 2006. I started doing classes in 2008 and have never looked back since.

 What am I working on?
At the moment many things, but planning my next class I guess and trying to dabble in the millions of other crafts my enquiring mind takes me to. I am also sorting and re-organising my craft room/shop.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well I must admit I love to try out new techniques and ideas that are thrown my way and with Pinterest and the many sites you get ideas from how to make and do things, I am always trying something new. I am not sure how my work differs from others, as I would say I have my own style of doing things. I seek ideas in everyday life and surroundings. I love to see the expression's on the ladies faces when I do my classes and they tell me where did I learn to do this....I like to create a lot of my own embellishments from ideas I get around me, using every day items.

I am enjoying the new style of scrapping/mixed media, I try to incorporate as many new techniques into my classes where I can. I am a keen photographer and love to take photos of just about anything and love to see the result of the photos that I take. My biggest inspiration is my little boy whom I just love to take photos of...

Why do I create what I do?
Having come from a background of creative people in some way or another, I guess It was only time that I would be involved on something creative as well. I used to draw alot as a child and loved to make my own cards and as I got older was always making cards and sewing for people. I was also very keen on graphics on the computer. I was given a scrapbook album and embellishments from a friend for my wedding and that was when my passion for scrapbooking started. 

How does your creating process work?

I often look at the papers that are around first and then decide that a certain photo will look good with that etc. I then look at all the finer details of the papers and see what will match etc and then my brain goes crazy, trying to make and find things that re new and exciting to match my layout. I ahve only recently starting drawing sketches for my classes, I just find it more simple when it comes to teaching them. When I do a layout for myself and not for a class I look at my photos and then decide on how I would like my layout to be.
I also love layering and like to see a full page. Although I am enjoying all the open space scrapping going around.

I am tagging the following blogs :
Michelle Wyk - A well known designer and scrapbooker who does the most amazing layouts

Valerie Ann Thorpe - She has the most beautiful layouts and mixed media projects. Love her style of work.

I had the pleasure of meeting all these lovely ladies via Facebook and then I finally met them in person at the Tim Holtz workshop in March 2014.

Hop on over to there blogs and see the awesome work that they do...

Till next time, hopefully I will be a bit more knowledgeable with the blogging

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Thanks for taking part.